The Foundation started its activities in December 2013 as key partner in the EFN 2-year EU project ENS4Care (December 2013 – December 2015), represented by Dorota Kilanska, from Poland. Its main tasks consisted in the development of the guidelines for WP4 on Integrated Care that outline key steps and considerations for the deployment of eHealth services for integrated care at different levels of deployment, and work on the project sustainability with the final goal to provide the evidence for key political messages of the nursing community.

It also shows that integrated care along the care continuum is essential to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved for EU citizens and especially those burdened with chronic disease and complex care needs and who require attention from a range of professionals from primary and secondary health and social care sectors.

In addition to the main objectives of the ENS4Care project, the ENRF started to develop itself in order to become the proper entity to support the sustainability and further implementation of the results of the project. The ENS4Care project, therefore, made it possible to create the sustainability of the ENRF and its networking capacity focussing on evidence based clinical practice guidelines on telehealth and telecare services for nurses and social care workers in selected focal areas.