According to ENRF’s Constitution (article 7), there are four types of Directors that can be appointed in the ENRF: one Founding Director, EFN Directors, Other Directors and Honorary Directors.

  • The EFN is the only Founding Director.
  • “EFN Directors” are the Directors appointed by the EFN.
  • “Other Directors” are “natural or legal persons committed to make the financial contributions established by the Board of Directors, with the agreement of acceptance of such Board” (article 4).
  • “Honorary Directors” are individuals or entities with recognized scientific or professional prestige known for their work in favour of Nursing.

The ENRF Board consists of 8 Directors.

Want to become an ‘External Director’ or ‘Other Director’ to the European Nursing Research Foundation? Please fill in the ENRF External Director Application Form below and send it back to the ENRF Brussels’ Office, by email or by post (Clos du Parnasse, 11B – 1050 Brussels – Belgium).