In terms of governance, all EFN Members are entitled to be Members of the Foundation, and will be managing its strategy, function, and objectives (different from the EFN ones).

The ENRF governance body is currently constituted by a Board of Directors (actually composed by four representatives elected from the EFN Members. This number will increase to eight once external partners join this exciting journey) & the ENRF Secretary General (also EFN Secretary General).

The Board is responsible for defining the policies and priorities of the Foundation in accordance with its mission, vision and constitutional aims, included in the ENRF strategic plan that includes a set of values, content and theme for the Foundation to work on. The Board will systematically establish a theme to focus on, including suggesting potential professional partners to build alliances with, in order to prepare a response to calls under Horizon 2020 in the upcoming years.

In January 2020, in accordance with the Foundation new revised Constitution and Internal Regulation, the EFN Members elected a new Board, constituted of 3 members, for a 2-year mandate (2020-2022):

Board of Directors:

Founding ENRF Director
Anne Marie Rafferty
Royal College of Nursing – UK

ENRF Directors
Izabella Uchmanowicz
Wroclaw Medical University – Poland

Andreas Xyrichis
King’s College London – UK

ENRF Secretary General:
Paul De Raeve
ENRF Secretary General