The first half of the year was quite challenging for the nurses all over the globe, with a whole profession relentlessly caring for millions of citizens in unprecedented challenging times during the COVID-19 first wave. Although the pandemic obliged us all to lockdown for few weeks and to work online, the ENRF continued its work of setting the future of the EU nursing research, by monitoring the work of the EU Institutions and focussing on integrating nursing research into the EU policy arena.

Bringing the nursing researchers’ knowledge together to strengthen the delivery of evidence-based nursing in order to add rigour and credibility to the political decision-making and outcomes is key, knowing that nursing research is a growing field even though it remains a relatively new activity in many countries.

But before continuing our research developments and innovations, we all need to take a well-deserved break and recharge batteries to face the upcoming months and a busy EU agenda. Therefore, we wish all a relaxing summer holiday.

Paul De Raeve
ENRF Secretary General