The incoming Commissioner for Research, Innovation, Education, Culture & Youth will be the Bulgarian Maryia Gabriel. It is important to pinpoint that the word “Research” was included in the Commissioner’s job title last-minute right before being approved by the European Parliament. This move was done by the incoming President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, to send a political message to researchers (research always was part of the assigned tasks to Commissioner Gabriel, anyway).

Nursing researchers across Europe should pick the message and take the lead bringing nursing research to the frontline of European innovation and impact. The next research and innovation framework programme – Horizon Europe – has allocated about €100 billion funds to finance transnational research projects. It has 5 mission areas (i.e., the broader topics) to which funds will be allocated. These are 1) Adaptation to climate change including societal transformation, 2) Cancer, 3) Climate-neutral and smart cities, 4) Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters and 5) Soil health and food.

Nursing researchers might also be interested in being employed directly by the European Commission, as experts to evaluate tenders and project proposals, monitor projects and assist with designing policies and programmes; or as staff of the Joint Research Centre. Moreover, the EURAXESS initiative routinely lists thousands of vacancies and fellowships from more than 40 European countries and other regions in the world.