Horizon 2020 (H2020) project calls are of great interest to the nursing research community. Through them, international consortiums made by European partners can apply to EU funds to finance their projects.

A well-known characteristic of H2020 projects for those who have applied is the excessive administrative burden that they entail – e.g., exhaustive timesheets and very detailed budget justifications. For tackling that, the European Commission has made available the Lump Sum Pilot.

The Lump Sum Pilot, aimed at projects with smaller budgets, reduces the excessive and prone to error administrative burden traditionally linked to H2020 projects and greatly simplify the project’s administration. It removes all obligations on cost reporting, the need for timesheets, and the financial ex-post audits on costs incurred. Instead, the focus is shifted towards the scientific-technical content of the projects. To see the most frequented questions and answers on the Lump Sum Pilot, the European Commission has a dedicated website.

In conclusions, nursing researchers should take the opportunities brought by the Lump Sum Pilot to build strong European consortiums and apply for H2020, get them, and move the future of the nursing research community and the nursing profession forward.