The European Commission published its first outline on the implementation of Horizon Europe (2021-2017), probably a €94.1 billion research programme. The main question is: IS HEALTH IN?

5 pillars have been set up with the one we like most: the theme “Fair Europe” covering health, including increasing healthy life expectancy; development of improved treatments; improved management of chronic diseases, and digital health. The most interesting is Annexe 1 in the hefty document (page 29!), strengthening that new, better and more costeffective health care services supported by innovative tools, technologies, and digital solutions become available that respond to the health needs of citizens. The full potential of digital technologies and health data will be a strong driver to achieve this outcome.

The commission’s ambition for Horizon Europe’s impact has five strands: Protective Europe; Competitive Europe; Fair Europe; Sustainable Europe; and Influential Europe.