These last few months have been very important for the future of the EU research, namely with the launch of the new European Commission Research Framework Programme – Horizon Europe, and its calls for proposals.

Over the last months, the health sector has been severely tested and forced to work under difficult conditions and increased pressure. All over Europe, the key players, including nurses, continue to work hard to overcome the COVID-19 health crisis, with us for more than a year now, with lots of lessons learned from it, which are central to moving health forward. Amongst these are the need to digitalise features to make the health sector more accessible and tackle growing health inequalities. Another lesson learned is the vital role citizens, including nurses and nursing researchers, play in designing and prioritising research.

For the ENRF and the nursing community it is crucial to see a concrete support to health and nursing research. Therefore, being back to work after a well-deserved break, the ENRF will continue screening and informing its nursing researchers’ contact points on the latest key developments linked to research at EU level, crucial for nursing research. The ENRF will also take every opportunity to ensure that EU policy makers are aware of the benefits of nursing research, and the need to rely on those when making decisions that affect the nursing professions. This is a very crucial moment for the EU research future.