Nursing researchers have the power to influence policymaking, and in doing so, increase trust both in science and policymaking. To strengthen science’s power of influence, the European Commission’s Chief Scientific Advisor has published a report proposing changes to the scientific advisory processes. Their recommendations include:

  • There is a gap between scientists, policymakers and the public that should be bridged by engaging policymakers, stakeholders, and the public. This will result in a more rigorous process for developing scientific advice.
  • The scientific evidence and the expert consultations informing policymaking should go through more rigorous quality controls. Moreover, the approach to conflict of interest should be improved to ensure transparency throughout the whole process.
  • Scientific advisers should have greater openness in explaining and communicating uncertainties in the scientific evidence and the reasons for diverging scientific views.

The outgoing EU Commissioner for Research, Science, and Innovation has said “I am deeply concerned that the role of scientific evidence in policymaking is under attack at a time when good scientific evidence is so vital for well-informed policymaking. So I very much welcome this opinion.”