According to Anita Krohn Traaseth (Member of the European Innovation Council’s advisory board), the world is about to see a new wave of innovation and Europe is the position to be the lead in this new phase of technological advancements. According to her, the new wave of innovation will be based on sustainability. That is, doing more with less.

“Sustainability” is a keyword when referring to our current healthcare systems. They are under excessive pressure due to the rising demands of ageing populations and the growing burden of people living with co-morbidities and chronic diseases, just to mention two. This has also put a lot of pressure on the working condition of nurses.

Thankfully, nursing researchers are in a key position to translate this sixth wave of technological innovation into the daily practice of the nursing profession. Nursing researchers have so far succeeded in translating technological advances to the daily practice of nurses, improving their working conditions.

That is, if nurses are at the frontline of healthcare, nursing researchers should be at the frontline of innovation.