The Horizon 2020 funds, which are coordinated by the European Commission, have been promoting research and science in the EU and beyond for the last three years. The programme addresses a series of social challenges, being the first one “Health, demographic change and wellbeing”. It focuses on topics such as personalised health and care, infectious diseases and improving global health, innovative and sustainable health systems, decoding the role of the environment for health and wellbeing, digital transformation, and cybersecurity in health and care.

With the aim to give health stakeholders across Europe more information on how to apply to these funds, the European Commission organised an Open Info Day on 3 July, to which the ENRF was invited. During the event, speakers reinforced several times the importance of engaging with end-users and patients from the very conceptualisation of the project, until its end. This is key for nursing researchers, because nurses are at the frontline of care, and expend most of their time at the bedside with the patient. A video recording of this event is available. On 4 July, a follow-up event took place, organised by Health NCP Net. It was a “Health partnering day”, in which stakeholders, including the ENRF, got to know each other and could explore the possibility of forming consortiums for projects submission.

To conclude, the nursing research community should explore the Horizon 2020 open calls on health as well as the instructions on how to get funding. An example of a successful nursing research project that was funded by the EU is ENS4CARE, that developed a series of evidence-based guidelines for nurses and social care workers for the deployment of eHealth services.