Nursing research and brain health (both in treatment and prevention) are intimately linked to each other. As the ENRF has already stated, nursing research is in a privileged positioning for the early identification and diagnosis of dementia and other brain diseases.

Hence, the ENRF has been invited to participate in the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) 2019 Stakeholder Forum Brain health and disease in the digital era – 2020 & beyond. The IMI is a is a public-private partnership aiming to speed up the development of better and safer medicines, partially financed by the European Commission. This event had over 40 speakers from all the corners of the healthcare ecosystem.

The event’s aim was to explore, via a series of panel discussions, how the ongoing digital revolution is entering the mainstream field of brain health. For example, we can now handle big biological data, and to mine it to IT tools in new innovative ways. At the same time, healthcare ecosystems are shifting from curing to preventing, and citizens are more and more active as managers of their own health – with the consequent rise of wearable devices and phone apps.

Nurses have extensive hands-on experience taking care of patients with dementia and other brain diseases. Their knowledge can feed nursing research, which is at the frontline of innovation in brain health.