The European Commission’s proposal for the upcoming research fund Horizon Europe puts together €100 billion to fund research and innovation programmes – opening many opportunities for nursing researchers. The major difference of Horizon Europea, when compared to its predecessor, Horizon 2020, is that the former is shifting from theoretical reports based on desk-research to supporting innovation with societal impact. The goals need to be clear and achieved by strong international consortiums made by cross-industry members willing to make a societal impact and achieve excellence. 


Horizon Europe will be based on three main pillars: 1) Excellent Science, 2) Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness and 3) Innovative Europe. Despite health not being explicitly mentioned in any of those pillars, it is still present as an underlying priority among those three. It is key that nursing researchers from across Europe team up and build strong consortiums to apply to this research funds and come up with innovative ideas addressing the major needs faced by the nursing workforce and the citizens of Europe.


More information on the Horizon Europe programme is available online