It is essential to carefully choose the necessary scientific and technical excellence to success in a very competitive selection process as Horizon EuropePeter Haertwich, Head of Unit for Research and Innovation at European Commission.

Writing a Horizon Europe proposal is an intense process, that requires time and dedication to submit a high-quality project proposal. Aiming to help potential applicants to Horizon Europe calls on preparing their proposals, the EU meeting on “A successful proposal for Horizon Europe” focussed on better understanding what the needed steps are to present a successful proposal for Horizon Europe.

Overall, project proposals need to cover all the aspects the European Commission requires:  innovative idea, clear and quantifiable objectives, innovation, and impact.

Measuring the project impact contribute on the outcomes of the project. In this, 3 points have to be taken into account: 1/ Impact Design – including the Scientific, Societal and Economic impacts; 2/ Implementation Impact – with specific focus on Strategic Planning; Work Program; Project Impact; 3/ Impact Tracking and Evaluation with a specific focus on Monitoring Key Impact Pathways.

Communication, dissemination, exploitation and IP management are also important in all this process, and should include: A measure plan to monitor the project; Concrete actions and targeting the right stakeholders during and after the implementation of the project; Follow up plans and choose the right channel to reach audience. As all the progress has to be reported to the European Commission for allowing to measure impact and intervene, if it is necessary, and respond to any needs, the Horizon Results Platform has been created to facilitate networking, partnership and sharing results.

Also, the work programme may provide for additional incentives or obligations for the purpose of adhering to Open Science practices that involve relevant actors as citizens and civil society, being subject to the evaluation of 2 criteria: Excellence (methodology used to describe Open Science practices) and Quality Implementation (capacity of participants and consortium as a whole and the list of the achievements).

Finally, there are still persisting gender inequality in the science field and in general. Horizon Europe legal basis aims to strength gender equality translated in the introduction of specific requirements: as Eligibility (Gender Equality Plan); Award (Integration of Gender Dimension); Ranking (Gender balance). The integration of gender dimension in the innovation context means integrating gender in the analysis, in the methodology, in the evaluation, in reporting the results. Gender Equality in Research and Innovation area can benefit the entire research activity and the outcomes.