The European Commission publishes a country report providing information on how each of the EU countries (and some others who also had access to EU research funds) have benefitted from the EU Research and Innovation (R&I) policies and funds – more concretely the Horizon2020 programme. These country reports are accessible via an interactive dashboard here.

After clicking on a specific country, one can see the European Semester information for that country concerning R&I – i.e., an updated overview of strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas to improve. One can also see key indicators covering the four innovation dimensions (i.e. Inputs-Investments, Framework Conditions, Innovation Outputs and Impact). Finally, one can as well see the R&I Observatory country reports – providing an analysis of the R&I system covering the economic context, main actors, funding trends and human resources, policies, and national and regional smart specialisation strategies.

Having all this information compiled in one single place is an excellent opportunity for nurse researchers to compare European countries with each other. If they are considering moving to another country to conduct their research activities there, they can fine-tune their search based on their interests. However, they can also see how the country they based-in scores are and try to push the nursing research community there to improve even further.

However, the main take-away for nurse researchers from this article is that there are a lot of opportunities at the EU level to fund research and that these are accessible for all. Nursing research is needed now more than ever more, to lead the digitalisation and transformation of our healthcare systems.