The ENRF, together with EFN and Nursing Now (BTFN), has organised a high-level meeting at the European Parliament (EP), followed by a diner-debate in the Member’s Salon, to celebrate the hard work of nursing researchers globally through a Nursing Now event. Participants discussed the latest advancements of the digitalisation of the healthcare sector – including the nursing researcher perspective. It is key that nursing researchers take this opportunity to make their job more visible and valuable for all health-interested stakeholders.

This event was organised in cooperation with Knowledge4Innovation (K4I)  – an open, independent, non-profit platform with a wide variety of stakeholders including regions, cities and universities, research organisations, trade organisations and think tanks as well as technology platforms small and large companies. Their goal is to make research and innovation the top political priority for Europe’s policymakers, and in doing so, to optimise the impact and exploitation of knowledge and ideas.

The discussion continued among MEPs, civil servants from the European Commission (EC), diplomats and other international health-related stakeholders. Professor Anne Marie Rafferty, ENRF Founding Director, took the floor to ease the audience into how Florence Nightingale’s work – she was the mother of modern nursing and the first nurse researcher- still links to what the ENRF is trying to achieve today. During her intervention she said that nursing research is very important in the transformation of healthcare, to ensure that the solutions discovered and applied are fit-for-purpose and suitable for the end-user.

Participants discussed the importance of the upcoming EU research fund Horizon Europe – of which the ENRF has been informing lately. This EU research initiatives will work around several missions – one of them particularly on cancer – and will bring opportunities for nursing researchers to join strong consortiums and apply for research projects.