The European Commission is going to re-draft some parts of the Horizon Europe research programme to allocate €13.5B from COVID-19 recovery fund into it.

It’s clear that after the crisis we should reorient some of our priorities in a more strategic way. […] One of the most important things is really to integrate our lessons learned during the crisis.” – Research Commissioner Mariya Gabriel has said.

This movement is in line with the European Union priorities in the coming years to ensure that healthcare systems are resilient enough to cope well with future pandemic and health emergencies. This movement is also aligned with the lobby efforts carried out in cooperation by the EFN and the ENRF to make sure that the EU institutions put a greater focus on healthcare preparedness and investments in the nursing workforce. All these recommendations are compiled in a report on lessons learned during the Ebola and COVID-19 crisis. The main conclusion is that “we are not prepared unless we are all prepared”.

All these mean that nursing researchers should build strong consortiums to apply for funds within the upcoming Horizon Europe research framework. Nurse researchers are int he strong position to bridge academia with the nursing frontline reality – particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their expertise is needed by the EU citizens.