Invited to the EFN 113th General Assembly of the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN), ENRF President, Professor Dame Anne Marie Rafferty, briefed the EFN Members on the latest developments of the Foundation, that include some key outcomes as:

  • the publication of 3 ENRF Evidence Based Policy Briefs on Care Left Undone; Digitalisation and Mentorship, and the current drafting of a 4th one on Advanced Nursing Practice (APN), to be released in the coming months;
  • the revision of the ENRF Constitution as approved by the EFN members at the EFN General Assembly, in Greece, in October 2019, taking into account the recommendations of the EFN Working Group on the future of the ENRF, and of the EFN Executive Committee;
  • the ENRF Stakeholder & Policy Mapping – Looking at the ENRF Action Plan and Priorities for 2021, the ENRF Board of Directors discussed and approved the need to have a stakeholders’ & policy mapping to help analyse, understand, and create effective strategies to promote ENRF SORP and Policy Briefs, providing an analysis of the policy actors, networks and funding agendas in order to influence research policy and support EFN work.
  • Health & research EU agenda – To ensure that nurse researchers and the EFN Members are prepared for the new Horizon Europe calls, namely under “Cluster Health”, the ENRF has been following very closely this development and have been participated in several meetings at EU level on the topic, reporting key information on this to the ENRF nurse researchers and the EFN members through its Briefing Notes.
  • ENRF Communication – done through ENRF Newsletters, Briefing Notes, Website, and Annual Activity Reports, keeping ENRF nurse researchers and EFN members updated with the latest key EU news of interest for all.

The EFN Members were very pleased with these important developments and the significant work done by the Foundation. They believe that a lot can be achieved via the EU research programs and by further considering the concept of ‘health in all policies’. In this, the ENRF and the nurse researchers can have a key role to play.