The ENRF Office is back from holidays, full of enthusiasm and eagerness to put nursing research at the very centre of the EU research arena. The ENRF sees this second half of the year as an opportunity to continue its mission of ensuring that EU policy-makers are aware of the benefits of nursing research, and the need to rely on those when making decisions that affect the nursing professions.

The ENRF will continue events organised by the EU institutions that touch upon the topic of research and reporting from them. It will also continue monitoring the Horizon Europe developments making sure that opportunities are create for nursing researchers and building capacity for EU nursing researchers to enter top consortia.

Finally, the ENRF will continue disseminating the outcomes of the ENS4Care project, knowing the ENRF was developed through this EU project. ENS4care developed 5 EU guidelines that outline key steps and considerations for the deployment of eHealth services in nursing and social care, with prevention, integrated care, advanced roles and nurse prescribing as topic of high relevance when new politicians start their work in Brussels.