On the first of January, Portugal took over the EU Council Presidency from Germany. From a nursing research perspective, it is key to explore if its policy developments and decisions positively affect the nursing research profession. 


The Portuguese Presidency has several priorities, one of which focuses on health. The Presidency will “Promote increased cooperation between the Member States in the field of Health, supporting the measures needed to increase the response capability of health services to threats to public health.” This topic is of utmost importance for the nurse researchers as if rightly implemented it can foster European nursing research to support the nurses frontline when and where it is needed the most.


Moreover, European nurse researchers should also look at the upcoming Horizon Europe programme and apply for funds to finance research translational projects carried out by consortiums that include nursing researchers as part of multi-disciplinary teams


Finally, the ENRF wishes all nursing researchers and citizens across Europe a very happy and healthy 2021.