The ENRF represents the nursing research workforce in the EU. Many of those nurse researchers out there are women, and are proud to celebrate the international women’s day!

The mother of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, was also a woman. She was the first nursing researcher too.

Nursing research in Europe is still a new activity in most EU Member States, however, it is needed now more than ever. Particularly due to all the challenges are our healthcare systems are facing – the ageing population, the growing number of patients living with chronic diseases and co-morbidities, the uneven digitalisation of health, and many others. It is key that nurse research paves the way for the nursing workforce, running the daily practice on the frontline, to upscale innovation and new solutions.

The ENRF encourages all stakeholders to tackle the gender gap and make policies and innovation work for women. The ENRF is proud to say that its Founding Director (Ms Anne Marie Rafferty, from the Royal College of Nursing – UK) and one of the two ENRF Directors (Ms Izabella Uchmanowicz, from the Wroclaw Medical University – Poland) are women. The gender-balance of the ENRF’s leadership is a reflection of the reality of the nursing researchers workforce.