Nursing research should be the motor driving the nursing profession forward, ensuring that innovation and new technologies are upscaled to improve the working conditions of nurses. In this context, blockchain technology, despite its limitations, has a huge potential for transforming our healthcare systems and greatly improving the way nurses’ give care to citizens and patients. Blockchain, for example, has the potential to ensure the interoperability of electronic health records, as well as ensuring that these records can only be modified by authorised stakeholders.

Hence, it is key that nursing researchers take the lead in this opening field and research on blockchain technology could be applied to the practice of nursing, driving it to the excellence, and reducing cost that could be reallocated to direct patient care.

As a side note, blockchain technology is also of interest of other international organisations, such as  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (they have organised several editions of their blockchain policy forum) or the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (a multi-stakeholder organisation based in Brussels).