Collaborating Centres

The mission of the European Nursing Research Foundation (ENRF) is to promote and encourage nursing research as a factor for professional excellence to benefit citizens’ health in the EU and in Europe; use nursing research to influence EU policies (develop a strategy); and promote evidence-based decision-making. In order to accomplish this mission, the ENRF prioritizes “collaborating with national and international nursing research centres providing education and training opportunities to young researchers”. (article 3f of the ENRF Constitution).

It is, therefore, important to establish links with various “collaborating centres” (including research and innovation institutes, Universities, Hospitals Research Units, etc.) accross Europe, which will enable the ENRF to have a direct link to experts and academics in the field of nursing and to participate in the technical and scientific cooperation with other institutions.

“Collaborating Centre” (CC) of the ENRF is any institute or organization that carries out research activities relevant to nursing and collaborates in the research program of the ENRF.

Want to become a collaborating Centre of the European Nursing Research Foundation? Please fill in the ENRF Collaborating Centres Application Form below and send it back to the ENRF Brussels’ Office, by e-mail or by post (Clos du Parnasse, 11B – 1050 Brussels – Belgium).