New independent research on the European Research Council (ERC) – which is dependent on the European Commission – concluded that about 80% of the funded projects are scientific breakthroughs or major advances. This assessment is aligned with others done in the past, which look at the quality and scientific impact of the research funded.


ERC President Jean-Pierre Bourguignon commented: “ERC-funded frontier research continues to deliver major impact, often unforeseeable at the outset – as this ex-post evaluation confirms. It proves that the EU’s investment in frontier research, through the ERC, pays off greatly and that Europe needs more of this – not less, as we fear after the July EU summit! There are so many more bright minds with outstanding ideas to fund. It is our responsibility as Europeans to make sure they have the backing needed to bring their dreams into reality.

The full study is available here, and some examples of successful projects here


The ERC is the European funding organisation for excellent frontier research. Nursing researchers from EU countries should benefit from having access to such institution to create consortiums and advance their field of research forward. Nursing researchers may apply for funds to look into innovative solutions to make our healthcare systems more resilient, address the frontline needs of the nursing workforce, and improve the quality of care received by patients.